Our Process Begins With Our Family




Over 100 Years

Our farming heritage is firmly rooted in Ontario with over 100 years invested in the land that is Dingo Farms. With each generation these families have harvested the land, nourished families and left a distinct mark of contribution and advancement. The more things have changed, the more they stay the same rings true at Dingo Farms. Together with our five children and the occasional unsuspecting relative, we continue to grow our small family farm nestled close to the Holland Marsh, in the heart of central Ontario’s farm belt.


It's Our Tradition

Farming is in our blood. Simply said, it is part of who we are. Steeped in tradition, we at Dingo Farms have embraced sustainable agriculture for generations to provide naturally slow grown animals free of unnecessary drugs with an emphasis on animal welfare. We pride ourselves in bringing this farm full circle through an era of commercial livestock farming only to embrace the natural and sustainable approach to raising animals and making farming viable once again. We consider ourselves to be stewards for this land, it is our job to share the advantages and benefits of taking a slow approach to farming. We believe in growing a generation, and through education we can encourage families to go back to their kitchens with their families to cook, eat and share time together.




How We Raise Our Animals

We take pride in the care and the time spent with our animals. It is this approach that contributes to their health, happiness and wellbeing. It is our high standards of animal welfare and animal management practices that enable us to provide the outstanding products that are synonymous with the Dingo Farms name. 

Here at Dingo Farms we specialize in livestock that is grown slowly and naturally from birth through to maturity. Our animals are pastured in season and supplemented with Non GMO grains, silage and dry hay that are grown by Dingo Farms. We supplement this feed with pure trace minerals and flax. Our animals are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics. Smaller herd and flock sizes allow us to raise all animals on our farm. 

Equally as important as raising a quality animal is the care taken in processing that animal. By transporting and handling these animals ourselves we ensure there is minimal stress during the transition between our farm and the local abattoir.



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